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Tehran to use aircraft to spray water in a desparate attempt to suppress untolerable pollution levels

Suffocating from incredible air pollution, the Iranian government plans to dilute Tehran's polluting smog by spraying water over the city.

Iran's Environment Protection Organization (IEPO) says the capital city is dealing with an alarming amount of air pollution as a result of the combination of accumulated pollutants and the pattern of air inversion.

This week ten airplanes flew over the city spraying water over the thick haze.  The project is part of on-going research by the IEPO to develop ways to shake up the atmosphere or create artificial wind corridors to blow the smog away.

The Pollution Standards Index measures the concentration of pollution in a given space; a level of more than 100 is considered unhealthy.  The government is installing new ventilation and air conditioning systems in the city's most affected areas.

Tehran's air pollution has reached critical levels, with some areas of the city on "alert levels" with a Pollution Standards Index of 151.

The genesis of Tehran's incredible air pollution is the 3.5 million cars that jam the city streets daily.  The government body estimates 80% of the city's pollution comes from auto emissions.  Additionally, Tehran's geographic location, wedged between two mountains, plays a role in preventing the pollutants from dispersing.

This news comes only weeks after a report found that pollution in all major cities in Asia exceeds the World Health Organization's air quality guidelines.
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