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Queensland Potential as World Leader in Commercial Scale Solar Power

Queensland has the potential to become a world leader in commercial scale solar power. According to a recent pre-feasibility report on Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) in the state of Queensland, the quality of Queensland's solar resource is comparable to the world's best solar resources and rolling out large-scale solar projects in Queensland is technically and environmentally feasible.


The report was commissioned by the William J. Clinton Foundation'sClinton Climate Initiative and the Queensland State Government, to examine the opportunities and challenges of deploying large-scale solar power plants in Queensland.


Premier Anna Bligh pointed out Queensland's solar resources are greater than that of regions such as Nevada in the United States and Granada in Spain, where utility-scale solar power generation is already being commercially deployed.


Energy Minister Stephen Robertson said the outcomes of the report will guide the planning of renewable energy development in the State.

"This project represents a substantial investment in the future of solar energy in the state and delivers on a key commitment of our QREP and ClimateQ strategy to address the challenges of climate change."






Origin Energy, Australia’s largest electricity utility, says the energy industry has underestimated the onset of disruptive technologies such as solar PV systems and battery storage. In comments...
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