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Sydney Suburbs Under Sea Rising Threat Due To Global Warming

A number of Sydney suburbs will be inundated regularly because of climate change-driven sea-level rises, threatening homes and community infrastructure worth billion of dollars by the end of the century, new projections show.

In the first detailed attempt to study the impacts of sea-level rises on low-lying coastal areas and help local government planning, the government has released high-resolution maps that show the areas in Sydney and the central coast most under threat from sea-level rises.

Sydney suburbs facing significant danger of inundation, even with limited rises, include Caringbah, Kurnell, Cromer and Manly Vale. Significant parts of Newcastle and the central coast are also potentially in harm's way.

And the problems associated with rising sea levels are not limited to coastal areas. Flooding could occur along the Parramatta River, threatening homes and infrastructure around Homebush Bay, Newington and Silverwater.

Along the Cooks River, Arncliffe and Marrickville could suffer, with the threat of significant inundation at Sydney Airport, too The maps show projected inundation for sea-level rises of 0.5 metres, which is likely to be unavoidable, 0.8 metres and 1.1 metres by 2100.

The projections combine rising sea levels and king tidal events, which can occur many times a year. The maps do not factor in protective infrastructure such as sea walls or show local effects such as beach erosion.







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