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Simple steps to reduce your electricity bill

Western Australian residents are using other sources of energy and learning how for save hundreds of dollars, as household electricity prices skyrocket.

Many householders are engaging in simple energy saving steps such as turning off appliances at the wall, turning off computers when not in use, using ceiling fans instead of air conditioners and replacing incandescent bulbs with energy saving globes. These simple steps are saving households nearly $500 a year in electricity costs.

In addition to these simple tips, householders are turning to solar power, wind and micro-hydro power to reduce their electricity bills. After two years of steep electricity price rises, with the electricity bills of an average family of four rising from $936 in 2008-09 to $1402 in 2010-11 in Western Australia, householders are turning to more renewable forms of energy such as solar power.

A cultural change is required, similar to water conservation, to educate residents to reduce their electricity consumption or turn to renewable forms of energy such as solar power.

Source: The West Australian





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