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Turning waste into biofuel

Qantas has teamed with US fuel supplier Solena to investigate the construction of a biofuel plant in Sydney, which will provide the airline clean energy to power its fleet.

Currently the project is under assessment and is a move to reduce Qantas’ carbon missions and meet airline industry guidelines of improving fuel efficiency by 1.5% a year to 2020.

The joint venture plans to use waste from household materials and agricultural and industrial waste to produce biofuel. Waste materials such as grass and tree clipping will also be used. The process of converting waste to clean energy has a lower carbon footprint over the production lifecycle than traditional jet fuel.

The annual CO2 savings from the fuel produced are projected to include 250,000 tonnes from a reduction in waste sent to landfills, plus is equivalent to taking 48,000 cars off the road. Another benefit of the plant is Qantas will be able to use its own waste to produce fuel.


Source: The Australian





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