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Ambulances to be fitted with Fuel Cells to save 1 gallon of fuel per hour


Yorkshire ambulances 'to be fitted with fuel cells'  NHS Trust is looking to install fuel cell technology to improve its energy consumption.

Ambulances used by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service in the UK are some of the first in the world to be fitted with methanol fuel cells, which will allow medical equipment to be charged even when the vehicle's engine isn't running,

Alexis Keech, environmental and sustainability manager for Yorkshire Ambulance Service,  released ion a statement that every time the engines are not placed on "tick over" for an hour, a gallon of fuel could be saved.

"We have rapid-response vehicles situated in strategic places around the region at certain times, which help us respond to Category A or life-threatening incidents within eight minutes," she added.

If the trial proves to be successful, then work could begin after June to equip all ambulances owned by the trust with the technology.





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