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GE acquires Smart Meter and Energy Monitoring Technology company

GE has acquired Remote Energy Monitoring, Ltd., a London-based company that provides advanced metering software and hardware technologies in the U.K. and Australia, to address the EU’s target for a lesser-emission, greater efficiency energy infrastructure. The metering solutions provided by Remote Energy Monitoring are approved by Australian and UK regulators, and due to their modular design, the solutions can be upgraded in the field, allowing utilities to integrate new capabilities when required without spending time and expenses on replacing old meters with new ones.

With GE’s end-to-end software, hardware, and communications technologies, more can be achieved with electric metering than merely tracking energy usage. The metering solutions support a range of enhancements including remote activation and disconnection; two-way communications between utilities and homes; dynamic pricing; pre-paid account management; and energy consumption adjustments in response to peak pricing events. Additionally, robust software and communications allow consumers to get energy information and control energy consumption through TV, PC, smart phone and/or other mobile devices.


G.E is positioning itself to be at the forefront of the rapidly evolving energy monitoring market, of which Australia will be a key market with electricity companies committed to introducing Smart Meters to achieve greater control over electricity tariff flexibility. This inadvertently means 'higher costs to consumers'.




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