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Electricity prices to increase due to carbon tax

According to an article on www.news.com.au; the independent MP Rob Oakeshott has confirmed household electricity bills will rise once the carbon tax is introduced.

Mr Oakeshott is privy to such information, as he has been a key member of the multi-party climate change committee - along with fellow independents Tony Windsor and Andrew Wilkie, the Australian Greens and the government - which finalised details of the carbon price system.

After months of talks, the government will announce the details of its long-awaited carbon price at a news conference in Canberra on Sunday.

Mr Oakeshott commented during a ABC television interview; "The electricity sector is where the big challenge is and households will see some price rises but at the same time there will be an assistance package" .

However, Mr Oakeshott said under a carbon pricing scheme he was confident Australia would achieve its goal of a five per cent drop in carbon dioxide emissions by 2020.

"This freight train of climate change is coming down the track, we've got to deal with it, and it's better we deal with it now and we deal with it in the most strategic and efficient way that we possibly can."

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