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Carbon Footprint Services for Business & Government

The Clean Energy Centre has the knowledge, experience, and systems to lead your organisation step-by-step through a process to cost-effectively measure and manage its carbon footprint. Our expertise and in-depth services can guide you to develop and implement a carbon strategy that will not only meet government and regulation compliance requirements, but also reduce risk and seek to leverage competitive opportunities.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of carbon accounting standards and a thorough understanding of carbon reduction and off-set programs.

The Clean Energy Centre’s service is based on a standardised methodology for implementing a carbon management system within an organisation or across an entire supply chain. Our processes are underpinned by standards such as the GHG Protocol, ISO 14064 and the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act (NGER).

We provide in-depth carbon footprint services to organisations of all sizes. We can provide a quick and cost-effective entry level understanding of your organisations carbon footprint and regulatory liabilities (often suited to the needs of SME’s) to the advanced analysis, quantification and management of carbon footprint risks and opportunities, as well as the development and guided implementation of carbon footprint strategies which are often required by larger organisations that have a greater risk exposure to a carbon constrained environment.

Measurement, Benchmarking and Reporting

- Greenhouse gas inventory development
- Reporting (GHG Protocol, ISO 14064)
- Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Assistance
- Advisory services on legislation and regulation compliance


Risk Assessment
- Legislation and regulation compliance
- Industry and policy trends
- Climate change adaptation, risk and resilience
Reduction and Efficiency
- Energy and greenhouse efficiency grant applications
- Advisory services on reduction target setting
Carbon Strategy
- Development of carbon reduction and neutrality strategies
- Advisory services on carbon off-set standards and quality