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Our Analysis Process

The Clean Energy Centre design and install a large range of Power Factor correction equipment, ranging from induction motor specific Power Factor equipment, to distribution level equipment from 400V to 36kV.

Our electrical engineering expertise is always put to good use in helping organisations to save money and improve efficiency in the knowledge that we are doing our bit for the environment; a concept that we take very seriously.


Through proper site and power analsysis using specialised electrical monitoring equipment, our Clean Energy Technicians will conduct system studies involving site specific analysis of Electrical Harmonics, Power Factor, Load Flow, Transient Studies, Power Quality and other on site measurements. This site analysis is usually conducted over a minimum of 7 days with little to no interruption to site operations.


In addition, we will also study the sites history of power consumption over a 12 month period, if this data is made available from the electricity utility.


The data collected allows our Clean Energy Technicians to design the power optimisaion solution to cater for the sites unique electrical profile and provide key information on the cost, the estimated Return on Investment and the estimated Pay Back Period.