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Apricus Solar Hot Water Systems

The Apricus solar collector is a highly efficient thermal solar system, suitable for both domestic and commercial heating. The innovative technology of the Apricus evacuated tubes, combined with heat pipes & glass wool insulation, is environmentally friendly, maintenance free, reliable, frost protected and now very affordable.

Once installed an Apricus evacuated tube solar collector system should last as long as the roof it's on. And it's frost protected - the water manifold is wrapped in 50mm of Glass-Wool and there is no water in the tubes to freeze. There is no need for complicated anti-freeze heat exchange systems.
Once we've installed your system you should never need to touch it again. The round shape of the tubes means that wind and rain will actually keep the unit clean and functioning optimally.


In areas where natural gas or LPG bottle gas is not available the Apricus electrically boosted solar system is an extremely efficient choice. The solar collector heats the water in the Everlast tank. If the water requires some additional heating the electric booster heats the water to the required temperature. The electric booster element only heats water when required (or when manually switched on), therefore saving you money through reduced electricity consumption.


Apricus Evacuated Tubes


Apricus solar collectors  use Twin Glass Evacuated Tubes. They are comprised of two glass tubes, fused together at the top and bottom. The space between the two tubes is evacuated to form a vacuum. The structure is therefore very similar to a Thermos flask. The outer layer of the inner tubes is coated with a special layer which absorbs sunlight very efficiently, which provides good insulation and protection against heat loss, even in cold weather.


Apricus solar collectors have from 10 to 30 evacuated tubes, with each tube 1.8m / 70″ long and 58mm / 2.3″ in diameter. Each tube contains a long heat transfer fin and a heat pipe. The fin acts to hold the heat pipe in place against the inner wall of the tube, and also provides additional heat transfer.

Solar Hot Water - Clean Energy Centre

Apricus has specially designed a heat pipe for the use with evacuated tubes. The operating temperature of Evacuated Tube Solar Systems commonly range from freezing to more than 200 ºC / 395 ºF, which means that many heat pipes designs are not viable. Apricus heat pipes are designed to begin working at a low temperature (30 ºC / 86 ºF), are able to transfer heat consistently up to high temperatures and can withstand freezing conditions without damage.




Apricus Storage Tank Options


Everlast Stainless Steel Storage Tanks

Solar Hot Water - Clean Energy Centre
The Everlast stainless steel storage tanks provide a natural barrier to corrosion and rust, have excellent performance in areas with hard water. The tanks are made of UV stabilised, high impact resistant Polyethlene with MEPS standard insulation. These tanks are available in both electric and gas.
Model 160L 250L 315L
Storwage Capacity (L) 170 264 327
Delivery Capacity (L) 160 250 315
Max Supply Pressure 500kPa 500kPa 500kPa
Height 1140mm 1620mm 1980mm
Diameter 566mm 580mm 580mm
Approx Dry Weight 37kg 53kg 63kg
Solar Hot Water - Clean Energy Centre


Glass Lined Storage Tanks

The glass lined storage tanks are made from vitreous enamel with a sacrificial anode, and are available in both gas and electric with bottom or mid element options.

Model 250L 315L 400L
Storage Capacity (L): 260 323 415
Delivery Capacity (L): 250 315 400
Max. Supply Pressure: 650 kPa 650 kPa 650 kPa
Height: 1430mm 1750 mm 1760 mm
Diameter: 617 mm 617 mm 685 mm
Approx. Dry Weight: 75 kg 90 kg 100 kg
Solar Hot Water - Clean Energy Centre