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Solar Zones for RECs

Australia has been divided into four zones for both Solar PV and Solar Hot Water installations, which represent the different number of sunlight hours in different regions of Australia.

Solar Zones, Renewable Energy Certificate Rebates


Zone 1 receives the highest degree of Solar Radiation and Zone 4 receives the least.


If your property is in a high radiation zone (such as Zone 1 or Zone 2), you will receive more RECs in comparison to those installations location in Zones 4 and 4.


Links for Solar Zone Post-Code tables can be found below to determine the relevant zone for your Solar PV Power, Solar Hot Water heater or Heat Pump system.

Please note that the zones are different for Solar PV Power and Solar Hot Water systems.


Solar PV Power
Click to download the Solar Zone Post Code Table for Small Scale Solar PV Power

Solar Hot Water
Click to download the Solar Zone Post Code Table for Solar Hot Water