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How Solar Works

Free energy from the sun

Solar panels silently convert light into electricity. They have no moving parts, make no noise, require little maintenance, create no fuss and are designed to last for many years.


Solar panels use the “photovoltaic effect”, discovered by Edmund Becquerel in 1839, to produce electricity directly from sunlight. Solar panels work best in direct sunshine, and some panel types can also work well on cloudy days, such as Amorphous Panels.

How Solar PV Works

Solar panels don’t require direct sunlight. Naturally, the brighter the light the better, but solar panels will still produce useful amounts of electricity on cloudy days.


Solar Panels produce low voltage current, more specifically referred to as 'direct Current (DC). Solar PV Inverter, Aero-Sharp Inverter, Grid Connect Solar PV Power - The Clean Energy CentreTo be suitable to power household appliances and to export to the eletricity grid, the DC electricity must be  converted to Alternating Current (AC). This current conversion is performed by a Inverter. Most inverters are installed well away from the buildings living areas, and ideally next to the eletricity meter. Inverters often make a very slight humming noise, particularly when under load.


After passing through the inverter, the electricity is available for use in your building.


Solar panels can supply a substantial proportion of the electricity needs of a typical household and business. If your solar power system is making more power than you are using, the surplus passes through your Electricity Meter and is distributed to your neighbours and other users through the existing Utility Service Electricity Grid. With the right type of electricity meter your power company may pay you for the surplus electricity you produce. In many states this power is purchased from you at a higher price than you pay for your electricity. This is called a premium feed-in tariff. Read more on Feed-In Tariffs....

Solar panels are also used for commercial applications ranging from large-scale power plants to small family-run businesses. The applications are almost endless, but each has the same idea in mind: harnessing the clean energy from the sun to sustainably produce affordable electricity.


Additional information that may be useful to you....

Grid Connect Solar for Home

Solar PV Power, Grid Connect Solar - The Clean Energy Centre Thanks to the Solar Credits Program and the ability to claim  RECs, it is now even easier and cheaper for households to install Clean Energy Solar Power.
  • Avoid the impact of rising electricity costs
  • Reduce or Eliminate your electricity bill!
  • Earn $$$ from your electricity provider
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas impact
We take the hassle out of adopting Clean Energy and make it more affordable
Learn More about Solar for your Home....

Solar for Business

Solar PV Power, Grid Connected Solar PV Power, Solar for Business - The Clean Energy Centre

With increasing market pressure for green business practices, coupled with continually rising energy costs, one of the ways an organisations environmental impact and energy costs can be reduced is to install a solar power system.




Learn more about the financial opportunities and benefits for Solar Businesses....

About the Feed In Tariff

Feed In Tariff, Grid Connect Solar - The Clean Energy Centre

Feed in Tariffs provide additional financial incentive for switching to green energy. Provided by various state governments and utility providers, they offer a premium payment (3-4 times the retail rate) for your solar electricity that is fed back into the main electricity grid from roof-top solar or wind turbines.

  • Feed In Tariff rate paid for your clean energy electricity vary by state
  • There is a differeence between Net Tariffs and Gross Tariffs
  • Feed-InTariffs are important as they provide economic benefit to the communicaty and assist in clean energy
Read More about Australia's Feed-In-Tariff system.....

RECs Explained

The purchase and installation of a Small Scale Solar Power or Wind Generator System, or a Solar Hot Water or Heat Pump Hot Water system, can be eligible to receive Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) to be used as a discount to low the purchase investment cost.


There are several conditions to eligibility and the quantity of RECs awarded. Click here to learn more....