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Solar for Business

Is your business looking to stabilise your energy costs, hedge against rising electricity rates, lower your operating expenses, and reduce your impact on the environment?


Due to the Clean Energy Centre's experience in assisting organisations with Carbon Footprint Accounting and Reduction Strategies, we know there is a wide array of strategies that can be implemented to reduce the greenhouse gas impact of a business. One of the most effective ways is to install a Solar PV Power system.

As the cost of electricity continues to rise sharply, tapping into the financial and environmental benefits of clean, green renewable energy has never been more important or more practical for business and industry. Installing a Clean Energy Power System in your business can save you thousands of dollars on energy bills each year. Solar is a proven and predictable technology, which provides a visual statement of corporate, social and environmental responsibility.

With government incentives now widely available, a Clean Energy Centre solar system is a financially sound investment that can pay dividends long into the future.

The following are benefits dealing with the Clean Energy Centre:

1/. Engineering & Construction Know-How is just the beginning

The Clean Energy Centre's capabilities extend beyond the design, engineering and installation of flawlessly engineered, constructed and competitively priced solar power systems.

We provide a comprehensive service to install photovoltaic systems into existing businesses, plus we work with Commercial Developers, Housing Developers and Public Sector organisations to install Solar PV Power systems into new buildings

2/. Mastery of the Details

We are experts in all bureaucratic elements of commercial solar power – rules and regulations, rebates and tax incentives, paperwork and utility certifications. We have a department dedicated to making these necessary complexities simple for our clients, even preparing the paperwork ourselves for your review and signature when needed.

3/. Clean Energy Marketing and PR Expertise

The benefits of going solar are by no means limited to saving money and helping the environment. The exploding interest in solar power and renewable energy shows no sign of slowing down; so when you go solar, you can make news. Our marketing and PR experts will work with your media relations staff to take full advantage of your well-earned opportunities for publicity.


What’s in it for businesses?

Save up to $7000 through the Solar Credits Program

The solar credits program will provide savings for businesses of up to $7000 on grid connect solar power systems.

Gain an upfront discount through Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)
Renewable Energy Certificates are an electronic form of tradable currency initiated by the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Act 2000. RECs are earned by the installation of eligible clean energy power systems, such as Solar Power, Solar Hot Water and Wind Generators.

Organisations can choose to leverage the RECs as an upfront discount on the full purchase price at the time the clean energy system is installed. Ownership of the RECs must be transferred to the Clean Energy Centre for the discount to be delivered.

Less taxing on the environment and your bottom line
As well as saving money on energy bills over the long term, you can also claim a tax deduction on the solar power system installed on your business premises. Small businesses with turnover of less than $2 million a year may also be able to claim depreciation. Please check your particular circumstances with the Australian Tax Office or your accountant regarding eligibility and depreciation levels.

Feed-In Tariff
Organisations installing eligible small scale clean energy generation systems can benefit from the Feed-In Tariff program. This is where the electricity retailer pays your organisation a premium rate for electricity fed back into the main grid.

PLEASE NOTE: For small businesses in New South Wales, there's never been a better time to install solar power. The recently announced New South Wales Solar Bonus Scheme pays you 60 cents per kilowatt hour for all electricity produced!


Boosting your organisations green credentials
Installing solar power can reduce your carbon footprint by tonnes each year, so it’s a great way to demonstrate that your business is committed to being environmentally responsible. With research proving that more and more consumers are making informed choices based on the green credentials of a wide variety products and services, installing solar power makes plenty of business sense.

How does your business rate?
The Clean Energy Centre has a team of certified Carbon Accountants and Carbon Footprint Reduction Consultants with the experience, expertise and the established system to perform a quick and cost effective carbon footprint and energy efficiency assessment of your business.