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Solar Inverters

The Solar inverter (a.k.a PV inverter) is an extremely important component within the solar system design. The Solar Inverter is an electrical device that converts the direct current (DC) electricity from a photovoltaic array into alternating current (AC) for use with home appliances and export into the electricity grid.


Although there are a lot of solar inverters available on the market, many have specific functionalities that are ideally suited to different applications and environment variables to improve the energy conversion from the sun. Such environment variables include shade on the panels at times through the day,  as well as different positioning  and azimuth angle of solar panel strings which result in different solar intensity during the day.


Multiple Power Point Tracker (MPPT)

All modern inverters have what is called a Multiple Power Point Tracker (MPPT) , which comprises complicated circuitry and software that periodically monitor the solar radiation and adjust the inverter to maximise the the energy conversion to suit the current environment conditions. The speed and frequency of this monitoring and adjustment process can differ between inverters, which can impact the overall level of energy converted from the sun over a given period. The Power-One Aurora Inverter and the Solis Inverter have the fastest MPPT algorithyms on the market. The MPPT monitors solar energy production and environment conditions every 25 to 35 seconds seconds, where most other inverters undertake this check every 90 seconds. This is a extremely important consideration when researching the best inverter to suit your needs. Imagine a spotted cloudy day, and the solar system is in shade for a short period. The inverter MPPT adjusts the inverter to maimise energy generation for the shade condition. Then after 20 seconds the sun comes out for 60 seconds. The Aurora and Solis inverter will conduct a monitoring session and adjust itself to maximise the generation based on the sun. Other inverters will still be optimised for the shady condition. Over a period of time with this happening, the difference adds up quickly.


Flexible MPPT

In addition, some inverters, such as Aurora, SMA and Solis, have Flexible MPPT's. These deliver the benefit of monitoring and managing the energy conversion separately for different strings of solar panels. This enables the one inverter to operate strings of panels in different locations of a roof installation, which will be exposed to differing sun angles, different levels of  sun radiation, shade, panel operating temperatures, voltage and amp generation. An ideal example of such an application is strings of panels instsalled either side of a east/west facing roof due to the building not having the optimal north facing roof. Many inverters do not have the functionality to manage such conditions, and will not produce the optimum energy conversion. A simple inverter without a MPPT technology will not deliver the maximum possible energy conversion from the sun for such a situation, and niether will a inverter with a basic MPPT.


It is important to talk to the experts to ensure you are getting the right technology to suit your application. It is extremely important you have the right inverter ideally suited to your solar installation. Clean Energy Centre consultants are carefully trained to deliver this expertise.


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