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Delta Inverters

Founded in 1971; Delta Electronics Group is a Chinese manufacturer ofDelta Inverters - Clean Energy Centre switch-mode power supplies for the telecommunications and industrial sectors, with its head office based in Taiwan. Recently starting a Renewable Energy Technology division, Delta Energy Systems assermbles Solar Panels in Taiwan, and manufactures Solar Inverters in Thailand.

The Solivia solar inverters are available in the 2.5, 3.0, 3.3kW and 5.0kW capacities. Transformer based, they offer peak efficiencies of 96%, a broad voltage range of 125 – 540V. They are suitable for use with back-contact and thin-film modules that require positive or negative grounding.

Manufactured in Thailand

Again and again our customers are asking “Are the inverters made in Germany?", as some solar power installers are claiming.  Well here are the bare facts:
“Delta Energy Systems are a subsidiary of Delta Electronics Thailand, which belongs to Delta Electronics Taiwan (China). They have sales offices worldwide and manufacturing plants in Taiwan, China, Thailand, Mexico, India and Europe".

Delta Inverters are 'Designed and Manufactured" at the solar inverter division headquarters and manufacturing plant in Samutprakarn Province, Thailand.


Solivia inverters - Key Features:

  • Equipped with multi-country software, which makes it possible to configure them for a specific country.
  • Transformer with peak efficiency 96%
  • Maximum Power Point Tracking
  • Fanless, and operate over a wide range of temperatures (-25deg to +70deg)
  • Low noise characteristics
  • Clean Energy Council certification meeting Australian guidelines
  • IP 65 Water and Dust Proof Casing
  • RS485 (EIA) communication interfaces
  • Simple and direct on screen data display
  • 10 year warranty
  Solvia 2.5 Solvia 3.0 Solvia 3.3 Solvia 5.0
Nominal Power 2750W (2.75kW) 3300W (3.3kW) 3630W (3.63kW) 5500W (5.5kW)
Voltage Range 125 ... 540V 125 ... 540V 125 ... 540V 125 ... 540V
No. of MPPTs 1 1 1 1
Full Power MPP range 150 ... 450V 150 ... 450V 150 ... 450V 150 ... 450V
No. of Strings 4 4 4 4

Nominal Current

9.8A 11.8A 13A 17.2A
Max Current 18A 22A 24A 32A
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