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Aurora Inverters

Manufactured in Italy to the highest European standards, Power One ‘Aurora’ inverters focus on delivering greater annual yield far above the competition. All models encompass a extremely efficient, super fast real time Maximum Power Point Tracker, and a wide input voltage window of 90 to 580 volts, to deliver more output on cloudy days, and more output on hot days compared to many other solar inverters.

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Aurora inverters are manufactured to withstand the extreme Italian climate conditions, from the hot southern regions of the Mediterranean, to the extremely cold Northern Italy. The ability to withstand and perform in such conditions makes the Aurora inverter more suited to the similarly harsh Australian climate compared to other European and Asian made inverters.

  • Each inverter 3kW and above has two independent MPPT inputs. This allows you to split the PV modules into two arrays, based for example on orientation, or shading, and hook up each section to its own input. The inverter will track the optimal power point for each of the two arrays independently. Of course, both inputs can be combined and used with a single array as well. Having two inputs means electrical code allows 4 PV strings to be connected without the need for overcurrent protection, and that means you will virtually never need a combiner box.
  • The highest efficiency in the business. The Power-One solar inverters have a CEC weighted efficiency of 96% (for the PVI-5000 and PVI-6000 it is 96.5%), and a peak efficiency of 96.8% (for the PVI-5000 and PVI-6000 peak efficiency is 97%). Efficiency is virtually flat from 30% through 100% of rated power. That is as good as it gets! Combine this with an extremely low night-time loss of just 0.24 Watt and you get  more energy to feed back into the grid, and happier customers.
  • Ultra-wide MPPT range. These inverters will do maximum-power-point-tracking from 90 through 580 Volts, with the full power output range starting at 120 ... 170 Volts (depending on model). This makes it easy to configure PV arrays and stay within range, even on those very cold winter days. This also makes it possible to fit your array within one or two strings per inverter MPPT input and avoid the use of a combiner box
  • The fastest MPPT algorithm in the industry. The algorithm in the Aurora inverters tracks the changes in optimal power point within 1.4 seconds of input changes. This makes it by far the fastest MPPT tracking algorithm in the industry, resulting in higher production under difficult conditions (such as when multiple clouds pass in front of the sun).
  • Power to spare! For example, while billed as a 3.6 kW inverter, the PVI-3.6 has a maximum input rating of 4.15 kW. Maximum AC output power for this inverter is 3.96 kW! This adds to flexibility in sizing and energy production, also on those very cold and sunny winter days that push the edge of the envelope.
  • Will operate in 100% humidity and deliver full output without any derating of power. Many of Aurora's closest competitors (including other European made inverters) will begin derating output when humidity reaches 65%.
  • Full rated power up to an ambient temperature of 55°C (122°F). The Aurora inverter will operate without derating power output with an internal temperature up to 55 degrees. Many competitors will begin derating output when their internal temperature reaches  35 degrees. Aurora inverters use free convection for cooling, which means improved reliability compared to fan cooled inverters, and higher production on hot summer days.
  • Can be mounted outside in the rain. All models use an IP65 / NEMA-4X type enclosure. These are watertight enclosures that can be mounted inside or outside.
  • Built for reliability. The design, construction, and component choice of these inverters is optimized for a long service life, even under harsh environmental conditions. For example, they use fewer electrolytic capacitors than usual, and the capcitors used are long-life high temperature rated.

Aurora inverters are available in 2kW, 3kW, 3.6kW, 4.2kW, 5kW, 6kW as well as 10kW and 12kW.


Power One Aurora PVI-2000-IN



Aurora PVI-2000-ID

Power One Aurora PVI-2000-IN

2kW Grid Connected Inverter rated for indoor installation and protection


Power One Aurora PVI-2000-OUT-AU

Power One Aurora PVI-2000-OUT-AU (Click for more info)

2kW Grid Connected Inverter rated IP65 for weather and dust protected outdoor installation.

Aurora PVI-2000-OD

Power One Aurora PVI-3.0-OUT-AU

Aurora PVI-3.0-OutD

Power One Aurora PVI-3.0-OUT-AU (Click for more info)

3kW Grid Connected Inverter with twin indiependant MPPT's rated for outdoor installation and protection

Power One Aurora PVI-3.6-OUT-AU

Power One Aurora PVI-3.6-OUT-AU (Click for more info)

3.6kW Grid Connected Inverter with twin indiependant MPPT's rated for outdoor installation and protection

Aurora PVI-3.0-OutD

Power One Aurora PVI-4.2-OUT-AU

Aurora PVI-3.0-OutD

Power One Aurora PVI-4.2-OUT-AU (Click for more info)

4.2kW Grid Connected Inverter with twin indiependant MPPT's rated for outdoor installation and protection


Power One Aurora PVI-5000-OUT-AU

Power One Aurora PVI-5000-OUT-AU (Click for more info)

5kW Grid Connected Inverter with twin indiependant MPPT's rated for outdoor indoor installation and protection

Power One Aurora PVI-5000 OutD