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A Clean Energy Centre recommended brand, ReneSola  Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of silicon wafer and solar modules. Renesola design their own silicon ingot casting furnaces and slicing technologies, employ advanced robotic manufacturing processes, and have grown to be the 2nd largest Solar Panel manufacturer in the world.

What makes Renesola Solar Panels so special?

  • #1 in PHOTON Labs Outdoor Field Competition PHOTON test site Aachen, Germany
    ReneSola achieved a Module Performance Ratio of 98.9%, scoring First Place out of 170 modules from 100 competitors - October 2012 Report
  • Uniform silicon wafer grain structure
    Leads to greater power production resulting in a  lower temperature co-efficient. In English, this means Renesola deliver a higher performance compared to the majority of competitors in hot climates like Queensland. 

Images below demonstrate the difference in impurities between a conventional multi-crystalline ingot and a Renesola Virtus II ingot

Renesola Solar Panels - Clean Energy Centre

  • Third Party Factory Audit, Conducted by Accelios in Germany, awarded Renesola’s manufacturing process a Tier-1 score of 91 out of 100
    Only 5% of Solar Panel Manufacturers audited by Accelios have been awarded 85 points or higher, which is considered premium level quality and bankable.

    The audit and report factored in multiple manufacturing stages, including cell sorting, quality control, assembly and product testing

Read the Renesola Production Audit Report


  • High Performance in Hot Tropical Conditions
    Renesola panels have one of the lowest temperature coefficient degradations on the market. A Renesola 250W panel will lose around 7.59% of its output when the surface temperature of the panel reaches 50 degrees. For comparison, a Suntech 250W panel will lose 12.5%.

    Renesola’s Temperature Coefficient Degradation performance is supported by testing and reports by TUV.
Renesola Solar Panels - Clean Energy Centre
  • High Performance in Low Light Conditions
    High efficiency in low irradiation, with Max Power relatively linear in relation to irradiation

    Renesola panels are high quality solar panels at a very competitive price, delivering a faster payback period and excellent Return on Investment without jeopardising quality
Renesola Solar Panels - Clean Energy Centre

Important Benefits to know about Renesola Solar Panels

  • All modules are protected against potential-induced degradation (PID)–a phenomenon that results in power leakage and loss in solar panels
  • Low temperature coefficient means that ReneSola solar panels perform better in high-temperature conditions
  • All ReneSola modules compared to other Tier 1, Tier 2 & Tier 3 work better in low light conditions, delivering greater solar production in the long run. More Power for your Dollar.
  • Local Australian office means prompt and efficient service and support for both system owners and installers
  • Low light-induced degradation means that panels continue to perform well as they age
  • ReneSola was the 2nd largest module manufacturer worldwide in 2012, currently has 8% share of the global market and rising.
  • Have been tested for coast and desert conditions– Salt, Sand and Dust-proof
  • Each ReneSola solar module is electroluminescence (EL) tested to ensure all panels are free of fine fractures and faults in solar cells
  • Ammonia corrosion test (IEC 62716) and salt-mist test (IEC61701) compliant
  • ReneSola is publicly listed on the New York Stock Exchange (SOL)
  • Global Head Quarters: Jiashan, Zhejiang Province, China
  • Australian Headquarters: Bayswater, Victoria

Renesola Solar Panels - Clean Energy Centre

Renesola Solar Panels - Clean Energy Centre

Renesola Solar Panels - Clean Energy Centre



Renesola 250W Solar Panel Range:

250W Poly-Crystalline
  250W Mono-Crystalline   VIRTUS
  Renesola VIRTUS Solar Panels   Renesola Mono Solar Panel   Renesola Solar Panels - Clean Energy Centre
Model: JC250M-24/Bbv        
Max Power: 250W   250W   250W
Power Tolerance: 0 - 5+%   0 - 5+%   0 - 5+%
Module Efficiency: 15.4%   15.5%   15.4%
Max Pwr Current (Imp): 8.29A   8.32A   8.29A
Max Power Voltage (Vmp): 30.2V DC   30.1V DC   30.2V DC
Short Circuit Current (Isc): 8.84A DC   8.87A DC   8.84A
Open Circuit Voltage (Voc): 37.3V DC   37.5V DC   37.3V DC



Renesola Document Downloads


Read the Renesola Virtus II (250W Poly-Crystalline) Spec-Sheet


Read the Renesola Virtus (250W Quasi-Mono-Crystalline) Spec-sheet

Read the Renesola Production Audit Report conducted by ACCELIOS Solar; Germany


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